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About The Paramedic Chronicles

In 1997, Scott Scooter Diel created a never heard of production company known as (or not known as) Mentally Deranged Productions. From 1998 till 2002, Scott produced several comedy shorts, later to be called ‘The Paramedic Chronicles’ for his company Christmas parties. Using cheap second hand or borrowed equipment along with real life EMTs and paramedics as volunteers, he created 14 short films poking fun at life in EMS. In 2002, he left the comfort of Kansas City and MAST ambulance for a new adventure in Las Vegas.

In 2007, Scott partnered with Ryan Maffia to create the writing partnership of ‘The Scooter Maffia’. Together they resurrected The Paramedic Chronicles and formed KTF Media Productions. After shooting Armor Ya’ll, they enlisted the aid of editor and videographer Sam Scheller, as well as the talents of Executive Producer Larry Johnson. Together they began writing and producing all new episodes of ‘The Paramedic Chronicles’.

KTF has many plans for the future of The Paramedic Chronicles. Look for Willie, Wanda and the crews to return soon, as well as new characters like Larry the First Responder, Grezelda and Rose the Nurse to name a few.

As always...
Keep The Faith!